コンクリート打ちっぱなしのシックな店内。本格グルメバーガーともっちもちの「生パスタ」を中心としたバラエティーに富んだフードメニュー、種類豊富なアルコールメニューやカフェドリンク、味自慢の自家製スウィーツで幅広い年齢層に人気のカフェダイニング !! アートブックやアーティスト展示等 飲食以外の楽しめるコンテンツもあり使い勝手の良さも魅力!無線LANも完備しているのでお仕事にフリーインターネットにご自由にどうぞ! パーティーコースも各種ご用意!

Chic inside of a shop of concrete.
The meal menu with which the gourmet burger and the “raw pasta” were rich in popular variety.
A cafe dining room popular to a broad age group at alcoholic abundant menus and cafe drinks, and the homemade sweets of clever boast!!
there are also contents other than eating and drinking, such as an art book and artist exhibition, which can be enjoyed, and user-friendliness is also charm! since it is equipped fully also with wireless LAN — free — pleasing — .
Several kinds of party courses are also preparation!